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Introduction to LGBTQ+ Awareness Online Course

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Introduction to LGBTQ+ Awareness Online Course

Children are growing up in an increasingly diverse world. All children and young people should feel safe and happy with their identities and know they are represented and welcomed in the education setting. 

To achieve this, it is essential that all those involved in the school environment have a real awareness of LGBTQ+ in schools.


In this unit we will look in more detail at:

·       What is LGBTQ+?

·       Why is it important to promote LGBTQ+ in schools?

·       Statistics on LGBTQ+ students in schools

·       Key terminology

·       The importance of safeguarding and confidentiality around LGBTQ+

·       What are Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic (HBT)?


Aims of the course

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define key LGBTQ+ terminology and use appropriate language in and outside the workplace.
  • Explain the meaning of gender variance and gender diversity.
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance approach to biphobia, homophobia, and transphobia in and outside of the workplace.
  • Explain how LGBTQ+ rights are protected under the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act 2004.
  • Recognise and challenge prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, harassment and bullying to support LGBQT+ people in and outside the workplace.


Assessment Method

After completing each module there will be a quiz to assess your learning. You will move through the later modules upon successful completion of the quiz test. This process continues till the end of the course. You need to achieve and overall score of 70% correct answers to pass this online course. 



After completing the course, you can instantly download your certificate for FREE.



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