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Safe Working Practice Online Course

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Safe Working Practice Online Course


Course Overview
The starting point for this module is to look at why you need to undertake training on the protection of children and young people. All adults who come into contact with children in their work have a duty of care to safeguard and promote their welfare. Practitioners have a key role in shaping the futures of young people.

The vast majority of adults working with young children act professionally to provide a safe and supportive environment. However, in this area of work, tensions and misunderstandings can also occur.


Learning Objectives:

  • Build on knowledge about how allegations arise.
  • Support the adults in a management position by providing clear guidance about appropriate staff behaviour which if followed, can minimise the risk of allegations being made against staff
  • Discuss and Network with each other around issues arising from ?Working together to Safeguard Child and Young People? document
  • How to use and implement Guidance for Safe Working Practice for Adults Working with Children and Young People


Learning outcomes from this short online course:

  • Increase your awareness around issues relating to Allegations and there management
  • Identify signs of inappropriate adult behaviour towards children and young people
  • Increase your awareness of we ensure that children and young people are safeguarded
  • Understand the importance of information sharing and the keeping of records
  • Gain confidence in challenging bad practice and inappropriate behaviour
  • Understand your responsibility and ensure your behaviour is always professional. 


It is estimated that this online course will take approximately 2 hours to complete (depending on learning speed). As an online course you can complete this training in convenient stages and revisit whenever you wish. The system will record your progress throughout.


Assessment Method

After completing each module there will be a quiz to assess your learning. You will move through the later modules upon successful completion of the quiz test. This process continues till the end of the course. You need to achieve and overall score of 70% correct answers to pass this online course. 



After completing the course, you can instantly download your certificate for FREE.


Technical requirements
Our online courses will work in most web browsers, although we recommend that you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari.  We recommend installing the latest version of your web browser before beginning your course.



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