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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Online Course

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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults


This Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults e-learning Online Course is designed to provide an essential introduction for anyone who is new to the subject and act as a refresher for those who already work with vulnerable people in a paid or voluntary capacity.


Most adults live normal happy lives. However, for a number of unfortunate people, abuse is a reality, and the effects can lead to great unhappiness and sometimes, tragedy. 


In simple terms, abuse to adults exists and if you suspect that a person is abusing or being abused, your responsibility is to prevent it. Also, if you are working with vulnerable adults, you have a legal duty of care to intervene, and this is fully supported by legislation. It is not enough to claim ignorance of the abuse or fail to assist.


This programme is broken down into four modules: 

  1. Understanding the Basics
  2. Recognising Adult Abuse
  3. Reporting Abuse
  4. Good Practice 


Learning Outcomes 

This course aims to help you by developing your understanding of:

  • who may be vulnerable
  • what adult abuse is and its effects
  • who abuses and why
  • how to respond if someone tells you that they have been abused
  • why it is so important to act on your suspicions or a disclosure
  • how to record your concerns
  • the reporting process
  • good practice guidelines, along with organisational and individual responsibilities in the form of a personal code of conduct.  


After you have completed the programme, we hope to have given you sufficient knowledge and confidence to take action to protect a vulnerable adult, should the need arise.


Assessment Method

After completing each module there will be a quiz to assess your learning. You will move through the later modules upon successful completion of the quiz test. This process continues till the end of the course. You need to achieve and overall score of 70% correct answers to pass this online course. 



After completing the course, you can instantly download your certificate for FREE.

Technical requirements
Our online courses will work in most web browsers, although we recommend that you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari.  We recommend installing the latest version of your web browser before beginning your course.




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