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A great course, very enjoyable. The Trainer - he was excellent, clearly having a depth of knowledge that was impressive coupled with good communication skills - really approachable and helpful.

Mrs Kennedy (St Bedes School) (Sept 2021)

Course leader was easy to listen to, very knowledgeable and used time well. Opportunities to share information with colleagues was also beneficial.

Hillary Ward (Sept 2021)

Safeguarding Children Level 3 Course. Didnt waste time with the basics (Level 1 & 2) just dealt with the information necessary for Level 3 / Designated Person. Engaging the entire group in interactive exercises definitely worked.

Kevin Wills Sept 2021)

Knowledge of the course leader. A really good arena for listening to and discussing grey areas of child protection. Reassured me that what i am doing is right. Also made me feel mnore confident to phone up social workers to seek advice.

Helen Lackey (July 2021)

The details of the course was excellent- good use of resources and to do activities. Knowledge of the presenter was excellent.

Steve Cumbo (July 2021)

Answering the questionaire really helped and made you find out the information for yourself. Group work helped in discussing scenarios, especially one or too that ended in lengthy debates.

Penny Kane (July 2021)

The Trainer - he was excellent, clearly having a depth of knowledge that was impressive coupled with good communication skills - really approachable and helpful.

Kate Landells (May 2021)

The handouts were excellent and very clearly laid out. There were several activities to do and usually on other courses this involves a large sheet of paper and a marker pen and being asked to come up with words - something you can quickly get bored with. These activites on this course were interesting and you could definitely see a point to them. Also he spent the right amount of time on each slide of the power point and did not drag each one out. I can honestly say I was not bored at any time and the time passed quickly.

Sue Thackery

well paced course covering all the requirements for designated person.Delivered by a trainer who had past experience in the field and knew the problems which are often encountered.

Dr Carol Booth

The trainer was very competant with his knowledge of safeguarding. It is a difficult subject but he kept it light but covered objective. Good group discussions.

Julie Knapp

The Facilitator was very knowledgeable and able to give informed direction when queries were raised. It also helped that there was a good cross section of participants which allowed insight into the work of other agencies and the manner in which they address safeguarding issues

Jane Little

Good pace and delivery Relevant Presenters knowledge of subject matter, and most recent changes to legislation

Sally Groves (Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College)

Dealing with the procedures and responsibilities in a very clear way. Gary was excellent, knowledgeable and had a very good demeanour.

David Leech (New Hall Preparatory School)

Quality of trainer, good location. Like the idea of becoming a member of your forum and on going advice

Daniel Foster (St Alban's RC High School, Pontypool)

Very informative and scenario examples made it easy to relate to and therefore give sound advice on what to do if these situations were to arise

Natalie Catino (Queen Bee's Day Nursery Ltd)

The subject knowledge of the trainer, the relevance to current situations and frequent references to current legislation (July 2014)

Saafiyah Hansi (Quwwatulislam School) (Nov 2021)

Gary was calm and reassuring explaining subject matter that is complicated and so crucially important. There is so much to learn and understand but Gary assures you the information is all there it is just learning where to look for it or learning who to ask for help (July 2014)

Harriet Amos (Notting Hill Prep School) (Dec 2021)

The knowledge and experience of the trainer were invaluable, as he knew and had been through certain situations that were very well covered."

Simon Readhead (Jan 2022)

Gary is one of the best trainers around. Nice guy as well, always a pleasure every 2 years seeing him

Neil Atherton (Jan 2022)

Excellent content delivered by an expert. Having the view of a social worker still working in the field meant the information was up-to date and relevant for all participants. The scenarios were based on current themes and concerns that all delegates recognised

Sarah Lemmon (Jan 2022)

Really good to focus on the issues of sexual assault/harassments as this is a significant issue for schools. 3rd time with Gary; excellent as usual.

Mary Morris (King's Academy Prospect) (March 2022)

After this training I feel much more secure in carrying out my safeguarding duties.

Louise Davies (LIBF) (March 2022)

"I'm not to sure on what is next, but I sure would be using the skills i have learnt from the training. and be more aware and focus on what to look out for as a safe guarding issue and how to deal with it.

Sharon Atkins - Donnington Primary School (March 2022)

The trainers knowledge of the subject, delivery methods and use of examples were excellent in engaging all participants."

Michael Smith Jenkins - Access to Music (March 2022)

Very up to date. Experienced tutor able to share his expertise. Useful handouts - flowcharts and cause for concern proformas.

Janet Patterson - St Stephen's Children's Centre (March 2022)

Current, relevant and interactive. Experienced, realistic and knowledgeable lead. New materials covered which were aimed at the knowledge and experience of the people in the room. Lunch and refreshments were great!!

Ms Neena Lall OBE - St Stephen's School (March 2022)

This has been the best DSL course that I have been on. The delivery was excellent and although the subject content was a lot to take in I thoroughly enjoyed it and have come away feeling so much better informed and confident.

Marie Foley - St Stephen's Children's Centre (March 2022)

The tutor was fantastic, great knowledge, with clear concise direction

Mark Little - St Stephen Primary School (March 2022)

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