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Information Sharing Online Course

Information Sharing Online Course
This short online programme is designed for anyone who comes into contact with children through their work or leisure activities. Information sharing is key to delivering better, more efficient services that are coordinated around the needs of children, young people and families. 
It is essential to enable early intervention and preventative work, for safeguarding and promoting welfare and for wider public protection.
Information sharing is a vital element in improving outcomes for all.
This course will enable you to:   
  • Understand why information sharing and obtaining consent is important 
  • Know the seven golden rules for information sharing
  • Know who can give consent and when to share information without consent 
  • Know the questions you should ask yourself when you are asked to or wish to share information
  • Know how to share information using a variety of communication methods e.g... by post and email
The full course is split into four separate Modules:  
  1. Information Sharing
  2. Consent
  3. Information Sharing Process
  4. Methods of Information Sharing

You must achieve 70% or more in all courses in order to obtain your Certificate.   
How does it work?
Beginning with Module 1, read through each module carefully, and at your own pace, ensuring that you have understood and absorbed its content.  On completing a module, you will then attempt to answer the corresponding questionnaire for that module.
Each questionnaire is presented in a multiple-choice format; simply select the answer you believe is correct and click on the ‘Next’ button to move onto the next question.    
Your score for each questionnaire appears as soon as you have completed the last question. If you have attained the pass criteria of 70%, you can move on to the next module.
You have 1 attempt to pass each questionnaire; if you fail to reach 70% per questionnaire, you may still access and complete other parts of the program but will need to repeat the programme again (at an extra cost to you) in order to receive your course certificate.
To complete the programme, you must work through all the modules (i.e... open each page), as well as attain the pass criteria for that programme.  You may exit the programmes at any point and return at a later date and continue were you left off or start the module again.
On completion of the programme, you will automatically be sent an email confirming your pass or failure status, along with appropriate instructions as to what to do next.  
In this programme we use children and young people interchangeably. There are variations in terminology, legislation, guidance and practice relating to child protection in the different nations of the UK. However, the principles are broadly the same and this programme is intended to be relevant to all those whose work (paid or unpaid) brings them into contact with children and young people. For nation-specific information, you will find it useful to visit the websites listed at the end of module four.
It is estimated that this module will take approximately 2 hours to complete (depending on learning speed). As an e-learning module you can complete this training in convenient stages and revisit whenever you wish. The system will record your progress throughout.  Upon completion you will be emailed a course certificate valid for 3 years.
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